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Hello my name online is Tinker Boo it is a nickname my hubby gave me because I am always tinker with something . If you need to know anything else ask an I may give you the answers you are looking for

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Next Projects

Good Afternoon my next projects is first of all my online is being disconnect come tomorrow an I will be fully back in September by laptop. While I am away I will be working in the few project as I share below for September through December.. so look new things to arrive in the following months

1. Autumn Kit, Tag Templates, Word Arts

2. Awareness Kit, Tag Templates, Word Arts

3. Halloween Kit, Tag Templates, Word Arts

4. Birthday Special (in Oct) we hit an year.. So Birthday kit, Tag Templates, Word arts

5. Thanksgiving Tag Templates, Word arts (not sure if I do an kit)

6. Christmas Kit (go into Christmas World-wide Blog Dec 1st-31) Tag Templates, Word Arts

I made also make new posers an tutorials will come 1-6 with old or new scrap kits, all materials will be provide for you to download for personal use if you wish to use for Commercial use remember must purchase to sale. I have spent over $150.00 dollars in PSP Scripts, an Templates as I brought my friend Scraps and Tubes (templates & Overlays) Scraps Dimensions (PSP Scripts) and Rebellious Scraps (PSP Scripts) so I am in fully copyright awareness to share them as mine with CU4CU rights .. so look new designs to arrive soon..

While I am offline my plan is to get Autumn , Awareness, Birthday and Halloween kits made 1st, an tutorials written.. once I done with that.. then I work on Thanksgiving and Christmas Oct-November I have to have my Christmas done before Nov 15th to make the deadline so I going to take time away from websites an get these projects made the next few months between now and November..

My new scrap kits will be made by Color Charts that I have collect online .. I am in the working process of getting all my homework done today to get begin this as 1 kit alone takes 1-5 days to make as I hand color each template, make all elements, word arts, tag templates, tutorials, posers, and/or psp scripts, my templates are in gray /white as an coloring book that I hand choose my colors I wish to design them with as I have full permission by my CU artist whom I purchase the templates and/or psp scripts templates, overlays to create the beautiful masterpieces I will be sharing with you..

In Oct I will be doing 3 things on the blog

 A. Oct 1st Breast Cancer Awareness vote HERE  each vote helps someone whom is fighting the battle of cancer

 B. Oct 26th  Birthday Celebration for hitting an year on the blog as well as I will be praising 6 special ladies , as well as be sharing an new scrap kit, forum set freebie, an lots of goodies to come for this special awareness, I will share my knowledge, links and skills.. then come by 2018 I will begin to share scrap booking tutorials how to create at my website Place Tinker PSP Graphics 

C. Oct 31st Halloween we will celebrate it.. in a n good fun way.. Sweets and Treats of Goodie Freebies to share with you

In November- Thanksgiving Special

In Dec 1st- 31st - Christmas Special

While my Christmas Special is going I will work on New Years, and Winter designs.. to share in the new year of 2018..

For all the Members whom have post thank you, lovely comments, follow me an support me thank you much appreciate all the friendship and love means the world to me to finally have an name to be suit with, to be in fully copyright register (paid) an back on top again..

Hugs Tinker
written August 15th, 2017

Cutest Pumpkin In the Patch Freebies

Just right click to save the word art I create it to
design this forum set below with my friend Debbie's poser by
©Debbie's Dazzling Designs you can view her blog HERE 
she makes awesome posers an if I not designing my own I love 
using her designs with making tags or tuts xx


Do enjoy it is fresh off of print as of yesterday 
it is design with Marie Louise Pumpkin Tutorial HERE
as well as with Debbie's Dazzling Poser HERE
Melissaz Creationz Scrap Kit HERE 

Hugs Tinker 
written August 15th, 2017 


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Happy Harvest Blog Skin

Blog Skin Happy Harvest

1. Go to Dashboard- Template Customize 
an do the sample below 

A.  Picture Window
B. 3rd One for this Blog Skin

Right Click to save the 

C. Background 

Go to Backgrounds in your Template to upload it 
make sure you click the middle Alignment, Tile, Choice of Color
I use the Blue/Turq for this blog skin design


D. Header 

Right click the header open it into your PSP to type
your message of your group on it if you wish, an then
go to your Layout an go to Header an upload from your computer
an click okay 

Then have the Happy Harvest Blog Skin like mine
copyright for it is design by ©Tinkers Boo 
and the scrap kit I use was from Creative Scraps by Crys
Autumn Freebie you can collect HERE and her lovely site is HERE

If you snagged this drop some love below on the post comment
as it only takes less then 5 minutes to say thank you 

Hugs Tinker Boo
written August 10th, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Good Morning

Good Morning I have decide to update my blog lol.. I through doing an open view but I didn't like it so I fool around an came up this design for my Autumn season.. an its easy layout that I can make other designs for holidays/season designs.. as I change my website Place Tinker PSP Graphics (aimoo) I through I go with the theme an update my blog with it.. so may you enjoy an little different style homepages from time to time.. this one was create with the scrap kit by Creative Scraps by Crys with her Autumn Freebie Kit you can download HERE 

To collect the Forum Set I create you can view it HERE if you snag it make sure to drop some love under my forum set design Happy Harvest. An may you an your love ones have an Happy Autumn I will temp be offline by 18th of August til the middle of September. When I return I hope to have my new Autumn kit to share with you.. so look new things to arrive in September.

Hugs Tinker
written Aug 9th, 2017

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Welcome Private Facebook Group

 Welcome Your Invite to Join- Private Facebook Group Call Tinker's PSP Graphics go HERE to Join. It is Close off , members can post, share tags, see new links, NOT design for Promoting your business or sites at this moment and time.. it is an way to chat with me and/or keep in touch without having to go public on the blog an keeping it private with my psp friends whom love my art work as well as my other talent shares.. or knowledge. It is also design as an back up group for my aimoo website Place Tinker PSP Graphics if aimoo forum site goes offline for maintenance , 503 unavailable error codes etc.. due to forum servers being slow because too much traffic or something needs working on aimoo part.. I been up since 4 am due to the train waking me up I fix my new Facebook account because my old one got hack due by its email an the fact that Facebook online since of 1983 when I began Facebook account. It all been update now an is safe to use by phone or online with no hacks, issues or Facebook updates, etc.. Have an good day I am off to take an nap.. have an awesome day and/or an blessed weekend..

Hugs Tinker
written August 3rd, 2017

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Just for you..

Just for you fresh off the print, for anyone whom as stop by my blog lately I have not been web design scrap booking, writing tutorials, but yet been enjoy just goofing off an making tags which view HERE.. well tonight I made this design as I am making my psp challenges in my website (aimoo) at Place Tinker PSP Graphics which join HERE if you like all is welcome if you like to play games, show off graphic tags, do psp challenges, collect tags in your name, or chat with friends online as we enjoy each other artwork, friendship etc.. I not much into Facebook either my website (aimoo) and my friends websites (aimoo's) are keeping me busy with psp challenges which I love to web design. But I also busy right now in my real life with my family and my husband, an enjoying living back home in NE.. as we move 3 years from Corpus Christi TX to Nebraska which is my home state.. so time this summer been busy for me.. which for an few years I been alone when my husband is working (he an truck driver) an so time I was able to do whatever.. I can still do whatever but I around family now.. that I can hang out with an enjoy their company too... so life is busy in my real world .. an happy an having lots of fun.. so time is busy .. depending which direction go depends what I want to do when I am online.. I know state do this or that.. but I honestly take an break from writing tutorials .. an I like go into an different direction of making my scrap booking and posers.. my husband allow me to buy my friend Zaza aka Scraps and Tubes store so for the last 6 months I have had the enjoyment I collect templates, overlays, elements templates to be able to make new scrap kits that become my art work with full copyright permission designs.. an for the last few years I been doing holidays/season themes.. well I complete the holiday/season themes, except writing an few tutorials for the Patriotic and Summer because I got busy this summer with my personal life that I got jet lay an put off .. so going skip those 2 til next summer when I have more time to just write the tutorials with the designs I made...

 Since my real life is an little busy right now due the fact it is summer, the weather is beautiful I going to just goof off an play in making tags, in a few weeks my online is going to be temp offline as somethings are happening in my life.. I be offline til middle or end of September. An so when I return I like to start an new theme designs kits by doing them as psp challenges.. I join an website online HERE call Colours Lovers where I can collect color charts. an I like challenge myself in making  scrap kits design  in whatever theme .  I was able to buy from my friend store templates, as I mention above an I like to into the theme of taking these color chart palettes I can collect online at the site an make whatever my heart scrap kits then I make posers go with them etc.. but for the month of August I kinda busy with my own personal life.. an going to take an month of just goofing off making tags, an playing when I go offline at the end of Aug-September then I will begin to play with the color charts I choose from.. an when I return I have an new designs to share in September..

Hugs Tinker
written Aug 2nd, 2017

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Teddy's Surf Up Summer Scrap Kit

Teddy's Surf Up Summer Scrap Kit 

Download HERE

This is for personal use only No commercial use is allow

It Contains

15 Papers
4 Bonus Papers
2 Circle Frames
4 Frames
67 Elements
4 Bonus Elements
5 Word Arts

Big thank you to Scraps and Tubes, Scraps Dimensions, and
Rebellious Scraps for the items I purchase to help build this kit you
can view their sites HERE 

If you download this scrap kit drop some love below
on the post comment or chat box as it only takes less then 5
minutes to say thank you for the creations I share with you